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Aug 11, 2013 8:00am EDT
sunday morning. choosing safety over democracy. what president obama is doing to make sure he doesn't have to choose benghazi. >> plus, a helicopter kills four people from maryland. >>> but first, here's a look at yesterday's winning lottery numbers. good luck. we are back in just a moment. ♪ [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. trusted heartburn relief that goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! >> good morning, and welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm chelsea ingram. looking at temperatures sitting in the lower 70s. taking a quick look at today's forecast, we will see temperatures around 84 degrees by the afternoon with the chance of showers and thunderstorms this evening. around 75 degrees with clouds breaking. you may even get a chance to see a meteor shower if you are in one of those lucky dry spots. as for ocean city forecasts, and you enjoy the beach today. temperatures around 81 degrees out there. partly sunny skies. slight chance of showers
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1